What Is Turfgrass Council of North Carolina (TCNC)

TCNC was created in 1974 as a non-profit organization.  Our prime directive is to promote the turfgrass industry in North Carolina.  We encourage further study and research of turf grasses, analyze and disseminate information relating thereto and to represent a voice in matters for the turfgrass industry.  Additionally, the Council was created to enhance the knowledge concerning turf for athletic fields, cemeteries, golf courses, lawns, parks, playgrounds, roadsides and any other turfgrass areas.

Legislative advocacy is one of the most important benefits of membership to the Council.  Together with the Green Industry Council (GIC), the leading entity for our legislation voice, we work to represent each member to protect the turf industry for and against issues that affect our businesses. Your financial support allows us to advocate on the industry’s behalf to ensure the livelihood of our businesses.  Our “one voice” is important so legislative decisions are not implemented without our knowledge.  The association and the GIC are always working on issues concerning water allocation/use, pesticide & fertilizer use, taxation of services, H-1B Regulations, noise ordinance laws, etc.  Individuals cannot support GIC directly, but through your support of membership, your voice can be heard!

With support from industry professionals like you, TCNC has been able to accomplish many successes.  Some of our achievements:

  • TCNC was the entity behind the creation of funding for the CENTERE
  • Influential lobbying entity for the turfgrass industry in North Carolina
  • Formation of the NC Turfgrass Foundation which has provided funds for turfgrass research in NC for over 30 years
  • Creation of the NC Certified Turfgrass Professional (NCCTP) designation which is the only certification program dedicated to turfgrass professionals in NC
  • Funding scholarships for qualified turfgrass students through the Eagle Foundation
  • Facilitated many educational opportunities for turfgrass professionals
  • Provide access to Workers Compensation Insurance Program

If you are a member, thank you for your valuable and continued support.  If you are not a member, please consider joining TCNC today to help secure the future of the entire green industry and our livelihood.

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