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TCNC Announces 2022 Recipients of North Carolina Agricultural Fund

Raleigh, N.C. (March 7, 2022) – The Turfgrass Council of North Carolina (TCNC) is pleased to announce the 2022 recipients of the North Carolina Agricultural Fund. The North Carolina Agricultural Fund was created to provide support for agricultural research, extension, and teaching activities in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at NC State.

Congratulations to the 2022 recipients:

Project leader Dr. Susana R. Milla-Lewis was awarded $19,720 for the project Evaluating Bermudagrass Accessions for Shade Tolerance. Her primary objective is to:

  • Evaluate 24 bermudagrass (Cynodon spp.) accessions collected from South Africa for their ability to persist under shade.
  • Evaluate the accessions for drought tolerance and shade tolerance.

Project leader Dr. Travis Gannon was awarded $68,250 for the project Effect of Application History and Edaphic Factors on Residual Herbicide Persistence and Efficacy. His objective is to:

  • Investigate the influence of edaphic factors on oxadiazon and prodiamine degradation.
  • Explain differences in oxadiazon and prodiamine degradation rates in soils with varying length of continuous use.
  • Characterize annual bluegrass and crabgrass emergence time periods in unique locations in North Carolina.

Project Leaders Dr. Jim Kerns and Matt Martin were awarded $62,500 funding for Biology and Management of Large Patch in Warm-Season Turfgrasses. Their objective is to:

  • Investigate genetic differences among large patch isolates collected from centipedegrass, St. Augustinegrass, zoysiagrasses and bermudagrass.
  • Assess fungicide sensitivity of large patch isolates collected from the aforementioned turfgrasses.
  • Evaluate the influence of temperature on infection of the turfgrasses listed above.
  • Determine optimal timing of fungicide application to prevent large patch development.

Through the North Carolina Agricultural Fund, the TCNC Board of Directors encourages research projects that align with the TCNC objectives to promote the turfgrass industry in North Carolina.

“The TCNC Board of Directors is very excited about these three research projects which we anticipate will have a lasting impact on the entire industry, TCNC members and non-members alike,” said TCNC President Kevin Herrmann.

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