The Turfgrass Council of North Carolina began as a non-profit corporation in 1974. The charter incorporators were:

Ed Ancherico Bill Gilbert Bob Robertson
Carl Blake Oka Hester Frank Stump
Ed Dembnicki Joel Johnson Bill Sutton
Will Fagler Leon Lucas Jim Welch

The vision of the founding fathers is captured in the PURPOSES as stated in Article I of their bylaws:

The members of this Council have voluntarily associated themselves together into an organization designed to:

  • Promote the turfgrass industry in North Carolina; in particular, to encourage the further study and research in turfgrasses, to analyze and disseminate information relating thereto and to represent the judgment of this organization in the matters of policy in the turfgrass industry.
  • The objective of the Council is better turf for all on athletic fields, cemeteries, golf courses, lawns, parks, playgrounds, roadsides and any other turfgrass areas.

Mr. Frank Stump served as the first President of TCNC. Frank served consecutive one year terms ending with 1977. Mr. H. Eugene Maples served as President during 1978. In later years, Gene served as Executive Director of TCNC. Gene’s tenure included years of dramatic growth for the industry and TCNC. His dedication and leadership were instrumental in bringing much success to our Council.

Since its beginning in 1974, the Turfgrass Council of North Carolina has held true to the principle of associating people together into an organization. The Council has an unwavering commitment and partnership with our Land Grant University - NCSU. Four of our founding fathers, Blake, Gilbert, Lucas, and Robertson were NCSU Faculty. For many years, TCNC has invited allied associations to sit at the Board table with a vote in the governance of the “organization”. The principle of being inclusive rather than exclusive has served the Council and our industry well.

We owe a debt of gratitude to the twelve men that gave of their time and talent to create our Council. Perhaps the best way to repay the debt is to stay true to their vision of “bringing people together” for the common good of all.


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